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Bill of Lading Software (Version 15)

Standalone or QuickBooks / Sage 50 US interfaced bill of ladings software creates any carrier, plain paper straight, VICS or hazardous material bill of lading forms. Also creates shipping labels, manifests, packing slips, UCC128 labels, etc. Export option supports ocean bill of lading, Canada / Commercial invoice and NAFTA / US certificate of origin.

From $299

Main Features

  • Any carrier, plain paper forms that can be printed on laser, inkjet or DMP printer
  • Creates straight and VICS bill of lading forms, shipping manifests, labels, UCC128 labels and packing slips. Company logo on BOL without any customization.
  • VICS bill of lading with 17 digit BOL number. Prints VICS supplement page when needed. Optional Feature
  • Reuses sales order and invoice records from QuickBooks and Sage 50 (ver. 2008-2014) US to eliminate redundant data entry and shipping errors. See Bill of lading for QuickBooks and Sage 50 US. Optional feature.
  • Supports Hazardous Material bill of lading. Maintains hazardous material information in product profile and enters the commodity description in a proper order. Optional feature
  • Export Document feature adds Ocean bill of lading, NAFTA and US Certificate of Origin, Cargo Manifest, Canada and Commercial Invoice. Optional feature
  • Instant freight quotes feature displays comparative freight rates for shipment being prepared.
  • Maintains shipment history, address / products database and creates shipping reports.
  • Networked: upto five workstations can be networked. Each workstation requires one license.
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System Requirements

  • Hardware: Windows PC with dual core or better CPU, 4GB+ RAM and 10GB free hard disk space
  • Software: (32 or 64 bit) Windows 8.x, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2008 /R2, 2012 /R2
Single machine license for Non-Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Server. Call 888 701-5005 to pay by check or credit card using PayPal Price per non-Citrix or terminal server machine
Classic Base license $299 each
Classic with QuickBooks or Sage 50 US import option $399 each
Classic with Hazardous Material Bill of Lading option $499 each
Classic with VICS Bill of Lading and QuickBooks / Sage 50 US Import. $599 each
Incident Support 30 minutes. $90 for 30 minutes Prepaid
Incident Support 1 hour $150 for 1 hour
Call 888 701-5005 for multi-copy discounts or license pricing for Citrix or Windows terminal installations.
Please call 888 701-5005 or Click Here to request FREE trial.

Detail Features

  • Any Carrier Straight and VICS Bill of Lading Software
  • Plain paper printing with your company logo and address
  • Supported Documents:
    • VICS Formats (requires VICS option)
      • Two VICS BOL Formats - bar-coded VICS bill of lading forms with 17 digit BOL Number. Automatically Selects between VICS BOL formats.
      • Two Wal-Mart Bill of Lading Formats
      • One VICS form that prints order/carrier info on first page with supplement present. This is NOT a standard VICS form though some retailer ask for this one.
      • Special Instructions VICS form for all of the above
      • VICS Bill of Lading supplement page for all formats
    • Straight Formats - 4; Samples
      • Handling units, unit type, NMFC, class, rate and charges
      • Handling units, unit type, package count, package types, NMFC and freight class with and without Consignee Signature Area
      • Handling units, unit type, package count, package types and cubes
      • Supplement page for all formats
    • Export Documentation - Optional feature
      • Ocean Bill of Lading
      • NAFTA and US Certificate of Origin
      • Commercial and Proforma Invoice
      • Canada Invoice
      • Cargo Manifest
      • Dock Receipt
      • We can add more documents as needed
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